aaaah friend you're muslim too??


Thank you, Allah.
meloddia said:
Hey unnie, still remember me? I know we haven't talk in a looong time but how are you doing? I hope you're okay! Miss you~ <3

How can i forget you? You are my baby<3 IEverythings ok! how about you? I miss u more 

Anonim said:
how you make this cute photos ? :3 maybe you can make a tutorial?:3

aww should i? ^^ 

Anonim said:
Hi Nursena, how are you? I have a quest, how is pronounced your name? idk

Kkkk, just call me Sena. It pronounces as writing. Se-na :)

Annyeong I love you and spend so much time on your account <3

Thank you very much <3

Anonim said:
can you post more Korean lessons please

I’ll I’ll, I am just so busy and lazy thesedays TT 

Anonim said:
Hi Hoonsena! ♥ How are you today? You should teach me your photography techniques! kkk Maybe one day i can be like you!

Aww do you like them? thank you anon♥ :3

biter said:
i love your blog and omg how did you meet btob like how!! omg you went to korea how? oh my god!1

Hmm yes^^ all of your queston’s answer is yes ^^

koalua said:
I can't believe yet that you follow me omg ! x'D It means so much for me °^° To my mind, you are one of the best blog and .. omg haha >///< ♥ You are too cute btw ! I love each of your selcas ! *o*

aww thank you!

atezoned said:
Did you learn how to speak korean all by yourself only?

Yes:) I am not fluent..

You know what the anon option is for? (✿◠‿◠)

For shy people who are too scared to talk to their favourite blogs. (◡‿◡✿)

Not for you to act like a piece of shit. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

(Kaynak: funtomhives)

Hello ! You can message me for a friendship ^__^ You can find my Korean lessons here. And I met with BTOB, you can watch us here ♥