I wasn’t able to update for a long time but I back with news!! I was waiting for result of univercity exam. Guys, I won Korean Language and Literature! I feel so thankful to Allah♥ 

The only thing that makes me sad is leaving my city, mom and friends.. Since my uni in the other city, I feel sad T.T but it’s ok. I know that you’ll never leave me alone, huh? ^^

Waiting for your supports. I put my picture and go!^^

Anonim said:
Gözlerin bulutların arasındaki bir avuç aydınlık gibi,umut katıyor geçen saate, hüzün katıyor yitip giden bir güne.

bildim seni.

Changsub - Good Luck (Cover)
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Face in ayrı güzel, sayfanın ayrı güzel, tumblr in ayrı güzel, sen ayrı güzel.. Hangisini daha cok sevsem bilemedim.. ^^

Nasıl mutlu oldum bilemezsin

Anonim said:
I bet your personality is just awesome as you!! love youuu ^^♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Anonim said:
I love you more than everything ♡♥♡ I am from Ethiopia


Hello ! You can message me for a friendship ^__^ You can find my Korean lessons here. And I met with BTOB, you can watch us here ♥